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consciousness and unconscious
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consciousness and unconscious

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January 03 , 9:41:02

It is often said: He must have been unaware when he did this! Is it really possible for a person to do any action unconsciously or voluntarily? Is there a relationship between consciousness and the unconscious in human life? Many psychologists talked about consciousness and the unconscious in humans, and their connection to human needs and instincts and then his actions and reactions. Most of the actions that a person performs to him, and he analyzed and interpreted his opinions by inferring the dreams that a person sees in his sleep! While other scholars emphasized that what a person does is done with his full will and awareness, and that the unconscious is an argument to justify the goals and ways to reach his goals through illegal means.

Despite these contradictory opinions about consciousness and unconsciousness in man, they are closely related to man, his needs and dreams. A reality we live.

And regardless of the events and experiences that we acquire during our practice of life, they are either stored in consciousness and we use them on a daily basis, or hidden in the subconscious, so we extract them in certain cases from the vaults of memory. But sometimes these needs that are hidden in us through the subconscious try to appear without us realizing or without trying to extract them, so they appear through subconscious methods, which may be unpleasant at times, which may cause some psychological disorders or behavioral deviations that society does not accept, especially if these appear. The needs are surprising and shocking to the human being. That is why scientists are interested in analyzing and interpreting human behavior in order to find out what it is and what it really is,It may outwardly represent certain needs, and inwardly it serves another need, but it is important not to exaggerate the analysis and interpretation of human actions so that doubts do not increase among people and chaos prevails.