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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I, the undersigned on agreement clauses along with the privacy statement, hereby certify being qualified for signing this agreement, usage conditions and privacy statement, signing and concluding this contract

You acknowledge that the information you provided about yourself or whom you are representing for the purposes of this contract is full, accurate, authentic, and valid, and you undertake to notify the company immediately in case any of this information becomes otherwise. 

Using the website of the Jordanian E-Learning and Content Solutions Company along with its branching sections and listings means approving all terms and conditions stipulated herein in this agreement, and you shall approve abiding by all conditions of using services along with the valid additional terms and conditions

This agreement shall be considered valid once approved or upon any usage of our website functions, applications, or software, such as for example but not limited to; desktop app, smartphone app, and bank of questions.

It is prevented to sell, share or trade your account and/or username or passcode, or even dispose of it or sharing it for the interest of a third party, and you undertake not to use it by any other person. You are completely responsible for maintaining your account and passcode confidentiality while maintaining the privacy of using your own computer, and in case of any unpermitted usage of your account or any other part of website and software privacy and security; then you approve notifying the company immediately while bearing every defect, damage or harm caused to the company. You also give the company the right to withhold you from service for the remaining period of the agreement and you shall not have the right to claim any amounts and/or allowance for termination of the contracting period, defect, damage…etc.

I approve downloading and installing the software that the JoAcademy website requires; whether for protecting company rights or guaranteeing improvement of the level of service, without the company bearing any responsibility for the level of service in case of not following the operation guidelines requested by the company.

JoAcademy Company provides after-sale services, and such services shall not be considered within Zain Company's liability

I understand and approve the company's right in case of rejecting to transfer a specific course or subscription to another under any conditions, or during any period of time within my subscription period.

Although the Jordanian E-Learning and Content Solutions Company is specialized in the field of E-learning and exists based on an intact scientific and pedagogic basis, but I totally understand that the company website and software, as educational, might contain software or information that are contrary to my opinions and beliefs; thus I approve using the website and software along with those allowed to use them through me, and I understand that at my own responsibility, without company, its employees, partners or others bearing any financial or legal liabilities as a result of that, and I do not have the right to request for any claims, remunerations or otherwise based on that

Our website shall not be misused by the intentional introduction of viruses, Trojans, worms, llogisticsbombs, or other malicious or technologically-harmful data

I understand and approve of not proposing any religious, political, or offensive subject and not explicitly or implicitly affecting any corporate body inside or outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the responsibility of legal pursuit

I agree to the terms and conditions of Jo Academy - the Jordanian company for e-learning and content solutions - and agree to access my account on Jo Academy's website for auditing, analysis, statistics, and, maintenance purposes, including the courses information: the registered courses, the teachers' names, and number of watched classes or any other related information related to the use of my account. I also agree to give Jo Academy the authority to use these information for analytical or marketing purposes or any other purposes to guarantee better experience and enhancement purposes.

Website and software intellectual property including for example but not limited to (all documents, files, texts, images, booklets, technical datasheets, audio files, sound blogs, video files, flash lessons, drawings and others) refer to the Jordanian E-Learning and Content Solutions Company and such works are protected under copyrights and you shall not download or copy all or part of them

Anything mentioned by me on the company website and pages represents my personal beliefs and Jordanian E-Learning and Content Solutions Company is not responsible for my opinions nor they represent it

Jordanian law shall be applicable, and Arabic is the agreement language to be read in case of a contract is being issued in several languages.

We agree to settle disputes by arbitration pursuant to the Jordanian arbitration law in case any dispute emerges with regard to this agreement or any of its clauses or branching from it. Both parties agreed that the final decision shall be for the Court of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan