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Educational advice for students of Tawjihi
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Educational advice for students of Tawjihi

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January 03 , 11:24:31

The Tawjihi stage is the end stage of study in schools, where the student finishes the outcome of 12 years of study in
Schools and then go to specialized studies in universities and from this point of view came the name

_ The Tawjihi stage is a stage like other stages, rather it is a distinct stage for the student and rewards the end of the study and the beginning of the youthful age to enter the arena of life and the end of the first 18 years of life
_ Dear student, live the stage as it is and do not make it a problem, as it is a stage like the rest of the academic stages, and do not make it a year of terror or confusion.

Dear parents, each of us knows the level of his children’s academic achievement, so do not pressure them and compare them with others, and stay away from the style (if you do not answer 90 like the son of so-and-so, you will not enter a university.......etc).
My brother, the guardian, tried to encourage him in a way of reinforcement and not by comparison, because God has set abilities for him that he knows better about, which are different from the capabilities of others from his peers. It imposes a sudden change in style from before.

Dear student, here are some tips for you

 Determine your self-goal that you want to achieve, trust yourself and your abilities, and feel your weaknesses and treat them
For example, among the weaknesses in mathematics are some of the previous information that the student must have absorbed in previous classes, such as some elementary and arithmetic laws as a basis for guidance or rules and laws.
Or the symbols of the elements, their names, their offspring, their charges, and some of the laws of chemical calculations and their applications in chemistry

Organize your study time

Stay away from bad friends and do not follow their footsteps or their words. Let your thinking determine your goal, and do not let the losers control your destiny and your future.

 Do not overeat stimulants such as coffee and tea, and they can only be consumed after taking a rest and sleep to renew activity. You can drink a glass of milk shortly before bedtime, because it helps to relax.

 Do not stay up late at night, get enough sleep, at a rate of 6-8 hours per day, and do not study when you are tired or stressed.

I advise you to study in the first hours of dawn, because of the purity, clarity of mind, angelic calm, and more prayers for success.

Eating healthy meals and foods that help remember (dates, pistachios and peanuts, dairy and its derivatives, and
 And honey, fruits and natural juices

 Practice your hobbies as usual at times you specify after organizing your study time
 Memorized study materials, listen to yourself over and over again, and make sure that you have absorbed them if you make them understandable to the listener and listen to them.