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Effective ways to study the night of the exam
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Effective ways to study the night of the exam

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January 03 , 1:28:12

Many students complain that they spend a long time studying and preparing for exams, but they surprise their families that despite the long hours spent studying and preparing for exams, their exam results were few and low.

Many students feel resentment and dissatisfaction when they see that a student does not study much, but gets high grades. On the other hand, many students do not study and neglect to study their lessons, either because of their low motivation to study or because they feel bored and frustrated when studying.

Although some study for hours, and others do not study, the student becomes suspicious of himself:
Is my intelligence lower than the rest of my colleagues?
Is my capability of understanding and assimilation small ?
Do I need an additional increase in the number of study hours?
Or is there some way to study that helps increase understanding and I didn't do it????????????

 Their knowledge of the foundations of successful and effective study in order to achieve their superiority, which they dream of. Therefore, with exams approaching, it is our pleasure to present our message, “Secrets of Academic Excellence” to our dear students.

Steps for successful and effective study:

§ Start studying by reciting what is easy from the Holy Qur’an, even if it is a verse, then the well-known supplication: “O Allah, there is no ease except that which You have made easy, and You make grief easy if You wish.
Prepare yourself to study mentally and physically.
Prepare yourself to study by choosing the right time.
§ Prepare the study place by moving away from noise and distractions, arranging the place and arranging the books to be studied, taking into account that the place is well lit and ventilated.
§ Do not study when you are hungry or full of food.
§ Make sure that you sit in a session of attention and not a session of relaxation when studying, so do not study while lying down or prone, so you fall asleep

§ Set a schedule for studying, and do not postpone study times so that materials do not accumulate on you.
§ Start studying by looking at the main titles or ideas and identifying them first, then entering into the details of the lesson after that.
§ Do not study two similar subjects in a row, as this causes forgetfulness due to overlapping.
§ I work on understanding the thing to be memorized first, because understanding achieves quick and easy memorization.
§ Give yourself a rest period (10-15) minutes after completing one subject and starting another. Even during the revision period for one subject, it is useful to take a five-minute rest every half hour, according to your energy, in order to renew activity and vigor.

Tips for the last weeks of exams:

§Your time systems through the work of a special audit table .
§See your lessons actively, and the Department of material into parts.
§ Try to see previous exam forms.
§Physical care of your health and personal Nzaftk .
§ Do not exhaust yourself before the day of exams, it is advised to rest mentally to not be distracted.
§ Be reassured, optimistic, with success in mind, and trust in God Almighty, relying on Him.
§ Learn about the pattern of questions that will come in the exam.
Note carefully the points the teacher focuses on before the exam.
§Met with colleagues and tried to guess the content of the examination
§Ask your colleague diligent about important things .

Tips before the exam:

Be prepared and study thoroughly.
§ Practice some sports movements to help you charge the mind.
Take a sufficient amount of sleep before the exam day.
§ Give yourself enough time to go to the exam early and without rushing.
§ Relax before the exam.
§ Do not try to revise in the last moments before the exam.
§ Do not go to the exam with an empty stomach, eat even a piece of biscuit.
Face the exam with complete accuracy and consider it an opportunity to present what you have memorized.
§Use the examination's time precisely .
§ Ask the father and mother to pray for you

During the exam:

Turn the paper over when you receive it for half a minute until the stress and anxiety go away.
§ Name God, and start supplicating, “Oh God, there is no ease except what You made easy, and You make grief easy if You wish.”
§ Read the questions and instructions carefully.
§I sit comfortably and mild .
§ If you encounter a difficult question, move on to another question, and do not waste your time with it.

§ If the exam is difficult, choose one of the easy questions and start answering, because that brings back to your memory what you have forgotten.
§ Do not depend on or resort to cheating, so be confident in yourself and your abilities, and remember that “Whoever cheats us is not one of us.”
§ Do not worry when you see other students submitting their papers, as there is no prize for those who finish first.
§ When you finish answering the exam questions, make sure that the answers are correct by reviewing once, twice and three times.