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How do I study the days of exams?
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How do I study the days of exams?

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January 03 , 1:30:46

Many students suffer from exhaustion during exams; Because of the pressure that the student experiences during the examination days as a result of the state of fear and anxiety that he is experiencing. Most find it difficult to deal with this period in particular, which negatively affects the student, which hinders comfortable study and concentration in studies and books. Most students suffer during this period due to lack of organization, as the student spends most of the year without studying, playing and having fun, and when the time for exams comes, questions begin to accumulate, where do I start studying? How do I start? Will it be enough time to finish the study? Instead of the student living comfortably before the exam, he lives moments of terror and fear that the time for the exam will come and he has not yet finished studying, and he is dominated by a sense of failure.

In order to eliminate the feelings of fear that control the student during the pre-exam period, the student must organize the study time, and in order to study the best days of the exams, the following tips can be followed: First: Preparing the study schedule: The student must make a schedule for revision some time before the exams date approaches. Not less than about a month, and that the schedule includes completing the study material and reviewing it at least once before the exam date, so that the day before the exam day is a day for reviewing the material and not for studying it in full.

The student must also allocate a schedule that includes the hour, the number of pages he wants to study, and the time required for it, and the student must respect the schedule, and not neglect it or not adhere to it, but he must warn the student against pressure himself in studying in order to finish the material on time And not to exceed this time to enter into a time allotted for another part, and he must take into account that the allotted time is proportional to the part of the material he wishes to complete, and if the specified time has expired and he has not finished the part allocated, he should leave it aside and return to it at a later time to complete it, The next part of the table completes.

It is possible for the student to start studying the easiest part for him, and leave the hard part for later, as this would make the student feel accomplished. When the student counts what he has studied today, he finds that he has studied a large amount, which increases his enthusiasm.

 Second: Trying to get rid of stress and anxiety: It is possible to get rid of stress and anxiety that controls a person by talking to others, and avoiding listening to frustrated people. It is also possible to exercise in order to reduce stress, and for the student to sleep a sufficient amount before going to the exam so that his mind is relaxed. .

Third: Eating food and taking a warm bath: Eating a sufficient amount of food, especially memory-stimulating foods, and drinking liquids helps to lighten the brain, and a warm bath helps to feel comfortable. The student should not live the few hours before the exam in a state of fanaticism and nervousness, but He must be as calm as possible in order to reach positive results.