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How to excel in studying
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How to excel in studying

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January 03 , 12:52:24

Ways to excel in studying

Eating healthy and balanced food, as the body cannot dispense with any of the three meals, and it should also stay away as much as possible from fatty food, soft drinks, and stimulants such as tea, coffee, cocoa, and Nescafe.


Eating more vegetables and fruits, and the best food for a student is eating 100 grams of pumpkin per day, followed by a salad or sandwich that contains a tablespoon of flaxseeds. Studies have shown how effective pumpkin and flaxseeds are in stimulating brain cells and increasing their activity effectively. They also help increase the ability to memorize, understand, comprehend and focus; So that the information enters the brain with ease so that the student realizes that the materials he studies are easy and easy for him to memorize.

The student must focus and pay attention to the teacher during the lesson, and if he has any problem in understanding a specific material, he must find a solution for it himself first and try several times, and if he cannot understand it, he must seek the help of his teacher who helps him understand it and the way to solve it, and thus in this way the information is entrenched in his mind so that he could not forget her.


The study should take place in a quiet room away from the TV and noise, and the lighting should be good, and the room can be changed if the student feels bored.

Establishing a specific daily schedule for the study, and avoiding the time being long so that the student does not feel bored, exhausted, and unable to concentrate, and a break must be set for a certain period between each subject that is studied, and reviewing the lessons on a daily basis is considered one of the most important things that help in completing the study task in record time During the examination period, it is easier for the student to study and get high marks.


Avoid using a mobile phone, a computer, or any other things that distract the student during the study period.


The student's sitting is correct; So that the study is on a comfortable chair and a table without clutter.

Setting the goal to succeed and excel constantly, optimism and perseverance are among the most important reasons for success. Take enough sleep; so that it is not less than eight hours a day, and avoid studying late, and studying in the morning is more useful and more capable of memorization and absorption.