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How to get rid of anxiety
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How to get rid of anxiety

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January 03 , 1:50:29

It is certain that we all went through the post-exam phase and had a state of fear and anxiety while waiting for the results of the exams, where you start thinking about whether I will get high marks, did I not answer well in this exam, did I not study well for that exam, and many, many ideas that put you in a state From constant stress and anxiety, and if this anxiety cannot be completely eliminated, we will, by educating yourself, present some tips and instructions that help you reduce this anxiety and stress

1- Do not review the exam with your friends or the answers that you answered with them, as this will only increase your anxiety, fear and turmoil while you do not know that your answer may be the correct one, or there may be more than one way to solve any question. Therefore, reviewing the exam with colleagues will not benefit you in anything and will not Something changed.


2- The anxiety and tension that accompanies you while waiting for the result will not benefit you at all and will not be a factor in obtaining higher and greater grades. Therefore, this anxiety will only harm your health and you will not reap any other result from it.

3- Remember the materials that you answered well and the questions that you answered perfectly and correctly, so this will reduce your stress and anxiety.


4- Stop calculating the grades that you will get in any subject. The corrector has other considerations that you are ignorant of, and the grade that you will give yourself will not be the grade that you will get.


5- Focus on how to enjoy the vacation before you think about the outcome and the worry and stress of waiting for it.

6- Try to occupy yourself and engage in some activities during your day so that you forget your anxiety and tension and do not have time to think about the outcome.


7- You must know very well that if the result is not what you want, this will not be the end and that you will have alternatives and ideas that arrange and organize your life and your future well.


8- Try to get some rest and mental relaxation so that anxiety and stress do not control you and harm your health.

In the end, we advise everyone who has exams to make every effort to achieve a good result and leave the result to God Almighty, so do what you have to do first and accept God’s will and destiny secondly, with the wishes of the Educate Yourself website and all its employees with success and excellence for all those who have exams.