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Methods of studying mathematics
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Methods of studying mathematics

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January 03 , 12:55:37

How do I study mathematics? Mathematics is one of the most academic subjects that trouble most students at all levels of their studies. Mathematics is no different from any other subject, except that it requires greater mental focus when studying it. Each class stage depends on the stage before it, and so it needs a foundation. It is strong in the primary stages to build on the secondary stages, and these foundations are based on knowledge of arithmetic operations of all kinds, knowledge of fractions and their types and how to perform calculations on them, and we do not forget algebra (mathematical equations with one or more unknowns), knowledge of the laws of geometric shapes (angles), and many other things. Basics of this article.

1- To study mathematics or any other subject, we need conditions that must be observed before and during the study, and they are numerous in these points: Understanding and then asking about what is difficult for the student to understand. Understanding. What also increases understanding and memorization is that the student takes notes and examples that are written on the board. The aim is to reach a full understanding of the lesson.

2- When the student returns from school, he should try before the study to take notes about what he received today and write what he understood from the lesson on an external paper, after which the student can look at the book or the notes that were taken during the class so that he can find out any error he encounters after solving the problems. In absentia without referring to the book, this method becomes a mental training for the student on the ability to focus and memorize information.

3- Doing homework, day by day, and this is done by dealing with it from the first question to the last, so often the answer to the first question is the basis for answering the rest of the questions, as it deals with the first part of the lesson, which is always the basis for the core and the end of the lesson, so the sequence in the solution is easy To the hardest is what makes solving difficult problems make sense! When a student begins to solve a difficult question, a condition called (shock) occurs in the brain, which occurs when the mind suddenly becomes tired after relaxation.

4- In the case of not being able to solve any issue, despair is the impossible solution to reach the answer; It is natural that he cannot solve all the problems correctly, because the brain differs from one person to another, so some people can understand from the first time, while others need repetition or focus on explaining the information in order to absorb it, and there is nothing wrong with that because when the student discovers any weakness in Solve a problem, so he can refer to the professor on the next day to find out about its understanding, as the accumulation of assignments without knowing its solution is what slows down the speed of understanding it later.

5- One of the best ways to study mathematics is to distribute the solution of homework and revision on all days of the week. Solving it in stages allows the brain to analyze and store it every day, but if it is solved all at once, it is difficult for the brain to receive this large amount of information. The continuous is what keeps matter alive in the mind. The study of mathematics requires daily attendance, rest and sufficient sleep throughout the semester so that the student can reap the fruits of success in the end, and patience is the basis for success.