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Methods that help high school students
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Methods that help high school students


January 03 , 12:30:24

With the acceleration of the pulse of life and the increase in the responsibilities that fall upon each of us; Beginning with success in studies, through performing family duties and social responsibilities, and ending with work pressure, we find it necessary to help our bodies and brains to endure and persevere in performing the tasks entrusted to us, and to implement the requirements of our life in the shortest time and with the least possible effort, and thus we double our productivity day after day.

Because the path of our successes begins with our success in studies, especially in high school, there are some tips that will help students succeed:

First, you have to apply the law of attraction, so imagine what you want to reach in all its details, so you see, hear, smell, and feel; If you are a student and want to succeed in your studies, you can imagine yourself seeing everyone around you celebrating you, your colleagues and family looking at you with respect and appreciation, hearing their applause, and smelling your favorite perfume that you have designated for major occasions. As the Law of Attraction states, when we imagine and visualize what we want, that is stored in our subconscious mind, and it attracts all the circumstances and situations that guarantee you that. Visualize the same goal and image you want every day for a period of no less than 21 days.

Ways to increase productivity

The clear motive for goal setting: plan your life and set your goal in front of your eyes, express it in words and drawings and put it on papers that you hang in your place of study and above your bed, accustom yourself to look at it immediately after you wake up from sleep and several times during your day and close your eyes on it when you sleep, and talk to yourself words Positively and approach everyone who encourages you and charges you with positivity during this period, such as grandparents, and always pray to God to help you on your way.

Take a break and relax: Know that your body needs rest just as you need to succeed. Do not study for more than two hours straight. Get up and walk a little or sit with your family for a few minutes (at least 5 minutes) or have a cup of hot tea and then go back to studying. .

Sleep early in order to wake up early, and do not forget the divine wisdom that God Almighty has hidden behind sleeping during the night and waking up and working during the day. As for the daytime nap, it takes place between the times of noon and afternoon, in which the body and mind get complete rest and refreshment just because of sleep, even if only for half an hour.It is preferable to paint your room with a color that helps to relax, such as blue, and fill it with the natural fragrance of jasmine, and remove all sources of disturbance such as television, radio, mobile phone, and electric wires. Half an hour before you go to sleep, do some light exercise for 10 minutes, and drink a glass of hot milk about an hour before, Wear loose clothes, turn off the lights and go to bed, while you are lying down trying to sleep, press the soles of your feet for 30 seconds, stop thinking about anything, meditate on the greatness of the Creator and focus on your breathing, breathe very slowly, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a quiet place near a lake with calm waves, Imagine your body as a balloon inflated with air that is starting to leak out gradually, then start counting from 1-10 and vice versa.

Sleep on your right side to relieve pressure on the heart muscle and try to direct your bed towards Qibla, which is the center of the universe, to draw more positive energy. And do not sleep with your head covered, because this reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain.

Focus: When you wake up, do some exercise, eat your breakfast, plan your day and start working early, so do not waste the morning hours that will increase your productivity. In the early morning hours, certain gases spread in the atmosphere that open the brain and help concentration.

While you are sitting to study, try to allocate one place for study and settle on it, let it be a quiet place away from noise, choose a comfortable chair and stay away from sofas and low-back chairs that help sleep instead of studying, walk a little or at least move your feet and neck while you are sitting on the chair and inhale the smells Zakia is like a rose.

To double your focus, sit in front of a clock with a seconds indicator, relax for a few seconds, then focus on this indicator quickly for a full minute, this will increase your focus. And if you have a bad habit that distracts you from studying, such as biting your lips or biting your nails, for example, try to get rid of it, such as applying some Vaseline to your hands to prevent its bitter taste from putting your hands in your mouth.

- Use notes and summaries and summarize the material with your own handwriting on paper, and do not study when you feel sleepy or tired because this does not help to consolidate the information. Repeat memorization with revision in spaced periods, try to solve the issues yourself. Study out loud to engage more than one sense together, and this helps you retrieve information. Turn down the heating a little, make sure the lighting is safe, and make it directed towards your left hand, not bright, or directed directly in front of you.

Eating healthy food: eat 4-5 snacks a day instead of 3 meals, and eat fruit before eating meat, as it has been scientifically proven that the fruit can prepare the stomach to digest food in a healthy way. Stay away from using the microwave to heat your food because it adds negative energy to the food. Make sure to eat breakfast that provides you with enough energy for the day, drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat whole grains, stay away from fast food and eat "nashes" and stay away from eating foods that contain artificial colors that scientists have recently proven to reduce concentration, And replace drinking coffee with drinking green tea, which helps focus, and provides the body with energy, vitality, and benefit without harming it.

benefits of some nutrients

Dates: the fruit of philosophers and wise men.

Ginger: Helps the brain with creativity and nourishment.

Nuts: strengthen nerves and increase attention.

Carrots: It improves vision and memory and activates the process of photosynthesis in the brain.

Pineapple: rich in vitamin C, which helps in preservation.

Avocado: improves memory in the short term.

Lemon: Helps focus and focus.