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People who reject advice
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People who reject advice

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January 03 , 11:10:26

Despite the many attempts that Nidaa made to advise her friend to leave the field of work that she had always worked in, and devote herself to something new that she had nothing to do with and in which she had no sufficient experience at all, she refused to be convinced by the advice and insisted on her opinion, considering that she had the right to experience and learn, and that Every rule has anomalies, but now, a year later, she sees a call of deep remorse in her friend's eyes for the step she took, for the failure she suffered, wishing that she had really taken the advice of the people around her and not done something that would have harmed her.

Nidaa says that she always encounters people who do not pay any attention to the advice that is given to them. On the contrary, no matter what models and people they see in front of them who have been exposed to the same situation, they do not consider or care unless they have gone through the experience and learned from it, indicating that she considers this a negative characteristic, so the person must He appreciates the value of advice these days and takes advantage of the experiences that happen around him.

And that is exactly what happens with the thirty-year-old Burhan, who admits that he is one of the people who, no matter how much they hear advice given to him from people older than him and more experienced than him, and people who may have gone through the same situations and warned him about them, but he listens without responding, because in the end he is only convinced of something. Who is in his head and learns only from his "bag", according to him.

Burhan says, "I do not know the reason for this habit, because sometimes I go into something and I am fully aware of its result and that its consequences will not be good, and everyone around me advises me, but I do not care at all, on the contrary I follow what is in my head and receive the blow as if I am waiting for it, but I do not know unless I'll try it myself without heeding any of the advice."

Perhaps a proof from many people who only know to live the experience themselves and learn only from their actions and mistakes, without paying attention to any of the advice or experiences of other people that you may have had with them, which makes them fall into error many times because of their insistence on going through the experience.

While Amal is a completely opposite personality, so although she sometimes has a great desire to delve into a specific topic or experience, she considers that she is one of the people who were placed in a large society that made her see many examples around her and learn from them.

This enabled her to be careful in many of her life decisions, and to learn from all those things that happen and the experiences that happened around her.

She says, "The nature of my presence in a large community of family, friends, and acquaintances made me see many stories, experiences, and situations that they went through, which prompted me only to benefit from their experiences so that I would not make the same mistake, which also makes me evaluate the matter from all its aspects and take the advice of those around me." In order not to make a mistake, which made it easier for me to do many things in my life that could have negatively affected me.

In this regard, the psychologist and educational specialist, Dr. Mousa Matarneh, says that these cases often occur with people who are still in adolescence, because the nature of the stage makes them people who love the experience, so for adolescents, their parents must provide them with a safe environment and let them go through the experience so that Whatever happens, they do not come out with serious consequences.

In addition, the parents should try to achieve awareness of the person more than being advised and directed, especially since he is in the stage of trying to be independent from the father and mother.

As for mature people who do not accept advice and insist on going through the experiment without paying attention to anything else, these are people who suffer from a disorder and personality problem, so one of them has become a reckless person who is not interested or aware of the consequences.

Which makes him enter into matters without any regard for anything else, indicating that he is a reckless and completely irresponsible person.