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Study: Your phone consoles you in difficult times
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Study: Your phone consoles you in difficult times

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January 02 , 5:01:53

The mobile phone or smart phone is no longer just a device with which you respond to calls that come to you or call whoever you want, it has become a friend, plans your day, and puts you on the map for millions of users on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or others. If you do not have a smartphone, then you are not part of this big world, which is becoming more important day by day.

On the other hand, a person considers that the things he possesses are completely reliable and trustworthy. It is completely controlled by man; For example, he can take it at the time he needs it, and he can leave it when his need ends.

This is what was shown by the results of a recent study conducted by American psychologists, where the researchers concluded that a person seeks consolation and support in some of the things he possesses. Then the mobile phone, for example, becomes his closest friend, according to the In Zahra website.

The American study attributed the reason for a person to adopt such behavior to his lack of safety elements in the people around him, which makes him search for another source of safety and consolation that he can rely on at any time.

During this study, the researchers conducted a set of experiments, during which they divided the study participants into two groups. During one of the experiments, they asked the participants in the first group to write about a stressful event that they lived through, during which none of their close friends helped them. While they asked the participants in the second group to describe a positive experience with a person close to them.

Then, these scientists gave all the participants another task: to endorse or reject certain statements, such as: “As long as I feel deeply hurt, if I have to give up my personal possessions for a few days,” or “I usually like to have all my possessions in my possession.” always".