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The most important study problem is time
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The most important study problem is time

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January 03 , 3:00:17

Studying Many students suffer from difficulty in studying. This is due to their inability to manage time, and it is considered one of the ways through which a group of information can be acquired from various sciences, and providing a comfortable environment, and moving away from external and internal noise is the basis of a good study process, and every member of society needs to study to enlighten his mind with knowledge; To use it when he needs it in matters of his life as well, and it is considered a pillar of the nation's renaissance among peoples.

Methods of studying and organizing time Developing a plan for studying: The study process proceeds within a set of plans that you specify, such as allocating time on Tuesday from six o’clock in the evening until eight o’clock in the evening to study mathematics.



Take notes: Always make sure to write down every result you reach while studying, as it will help you to remember things when you study them again.


Studying slowly: Fast studying is one of the studies that its owner forgets quickly, unlike slow studying that extends with its owner for a long time, and it increases the ability of the students to absorb things and understand them well.

Repetition: It is considered one of the best methods to increase the consolidation of information in the mind.

Mental image: Sometimes there are some things that are difficult for the one who studies them to understand or not be able to absorb them, and he can link them to things in his life, or give them a specific symbol that makes it easier for him to understand and remember them well, and that is through using his senses that help him in that.


Maintaining study: You must study daily in different books, and maintain the same approach drawn in the study plan; Because of its ability to develop and retain information, and this method helps a lot in organizing time in your daily life.


Increasing study times: Sometimes, you have free time that leads to boredom, so invest this time in studying new things, or repeat what you have previously learned to consolidate it more in your mind.

Studying for exams: It is difficult for many people to study the night before their exams, so we see many students strain themselves for a whole day and may go to their exams while they are awake, and despite that, this process is reflected negatively on those who apply it. This is due to the student's inability to comprehend matters and thus provide bad results. This is because he is resting.


The maximum rate that a person can achieve for studying per day is approximately 16 hours, in addition to the need to go to sleep to rest for a period ranging from 6 to 8 hours approximately, and this is only to provide the best results by studying only one day, so it is recommended to study several days before few in order to provide the best results.