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Things not to say to children!
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Things not to say to children!

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January 03 , 4:56:08

Raising children
Many times, under psychological and nervous pressure, our children force us to direct some phrases that have a negative impact on them. Here are the phrases that must be avoided, and it is preferable not to say them at all:

1. “Why do you imitate your brother, do not be like your little brother” or “Why are you like your father, do not be like your brother or friend” .. are among the most famous phrases that most mothers repeat to their children, and if they knew its negative impact on the psyche of children, they would stop saying it immediately.. First, you make the image of his father or the other brother shake in his eyes, and generate unwanted feelings within him, rather it will increase his stubbornness and anger.

2. “You're a loser! Everything you do is wrong.” A sentence that develops negativity and indifference in your children, and makes them lose their self-confidence.

3. “I am tired of you, or I am tired of you.” Certainly, many mothers repeated it, and these sentences have a negative effect, and are always said to hurt the person in front of you. Indeed, they have a very bad effect on the psyche of children, and they feel that they are not wanted.

4. “Leave me alone, I am busy now....” Negative sentences we often repeat without knowing their effect. Time after time, the child will stop talking to you, because he feels permanent rejection on your part, and here the gap between you will widen.

5. “Do not cry, there is no reason to cry, you are a man and men do not cry.” This forces the child to hide his feelings. It is very normal for the child to be affected for any reason, whether convincing or not for you. Let him express his feelings, and instead of making him feel. With negativity, sarcasm, and lack of concern for his feelings, talk to him and understand the reasons for his anger or crying.

6. “Stop or I will give you a reason to cry!” The language of threats.. “If you do this…”, this language is always caused by the extent of frustration that parents feel, and you will not find the reaction you want even after the threat, so Hold your nerves, and try to get your child out of the situation, the most important thing is to keep the nerves calm.

7. “Wait for your father until he comes.” The usual escape phrase when your child asks for something to throw at your partner, and with the repetition of this behavior, your child’s thinking will be “I will not ask for something, because she will not be able to fulfill it anyway.” So try to change the way of expression or speech, and be Diplomacy in your responses, and do not burden your partner and lose the language of dialogue and communication with your child.