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Tips for a perfect back to school
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Tips for a perfect back to school

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January 03 , 3:35:26

Getting back into a routine isn't easy, and it's even harder for children. During the holidays, we move away from the routine and tend to be lazy at times, to relax and enjoy the vacation, and get busy with luxury, outings, and time with the family, until we suddenly realize that the new school year is approaching..!

How can you make getting back into a routine fun for kids?
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The tips below will help you do just that


Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Getting kids back into the bedtime-to-school routine can be challenging, especially after a month or so of free and late bedtimes, but it doesn't have to be so hard! About a week before school starts, let them go to bed as late as they used to at recess, and wake them up the next morning earlier than usual, but after making sure they've had a good rest. Then work to keep them busy until about 7 or 8 pm. Thus, you will make sure that they are not tired at the time of early bedtime, and it will become easier to start following an early bedtime routine from then on.


A balanced diet is very important for good health. It is even more important for children, who are still in the process of building minds and bodies. During the holidays, we tend to indulge in sweets, junk food and restaurants more than usual. However, it is important to ensure that your child eats regular, healthy and nutritious meals, especially while preparing to go back to school. This will ensure that he starts the new school year energized and fully able to focus on his studies. Fill his plates with vegetables of all colours, whole grains, and lean protein, and watch as he grows and develops to his full potential.


Watch your child's behavior. If he doesn't get enough sleep, he may become irritable, irritable, and distracted. His appetite for food may decrease, or his appetite may increase. Such behaviors can easily be modified with some supervision and regulation of how often a child should use social media or use electronic devices. Don't allow your child to spend hours on a laptop, smartphone, or playing video games, especially late at night or around bedtime. These activities stimulate the brain and disrupt sleep. Allow your child a set amount of time on their devices. This will help in getting used to the routine of school days that requires the child to devote more time to studying and doing homework, and less time on social media.


Some may think that shopping for school uniforms, essentials, and books is the most important aspect of getting ready for the first day of the school year. Of course, it is necessary, but its importance comes after ensuring that the child rests and nourishes his body before the start of the study. Next time you visit the supermarket, take your child with you and involve him in preparing his meals, and talk to him about the benefits of healthy food. Soon you will find that he is learning the value of nutrition and will start to choose healthy foods himself. Take care of preparing everything the child needs for his first school day, and give equal attention to preparing a balanced nutritious breakfast for him to keep him active and focused on studying.


Make sure your child understands the new routine by repeating it (quietly)! Keeping repeating and reminding encourages the child to follow the new system and rules. This also allows you to test out some new additions to the routine such as after-school activities or
Sports or even an afternoon nap.