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To overcome fear in exams
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To overcome fear in exams

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January 03 , 1:20:34

Overcoming fear in exams Many students at various levels of education suffer from fear and anxiety before entering the exam hall despite their good preparation for it, and this would reflect a negative result on the student’s psyche and his place in the exam, and the results would be unsatisfactory, which would make the student feel frustrated and unable to Continue to study well, but this fear can be eliminated by following several methods that I will discuss in the next article. Steps to overcome fear in exams High self-confidence Self-confidence is a very important factor for the success of any subject, whether it is an exam or something else, so no room should be left for anyone to shake this confidence, and the exam should not be viewed on the grounds that it is the end of the world and that failure in it causes failure in life in general, Rather, it should be viewed as a simple, easy and natural matter, but it requires some attention, study, study, focus, and not leave it aside.

Understanding the material well The material must be understood well and not memorized without understanding; Because understanding remains stuck in the mind for the longest possible period, and after that sentences and phrases can be formulated in the appropriate way to convey the idea when solving any question in the exam, unlike memorization that transfers words from the book to the paper, and they are also subject to forgetting at any time.

Avoid discussions with colleagues before the exam. Discussions before the exam are not useful, and raise anxiety and tension before entering the exam. They also cause interference in information. Each student has his own way and style of study that differs from the other, but some incomprehensible questions that the student does not have a correct answer to can be solved. .

Avoid studying at the last minute. It is better not to leave any part of the material to be studied soon for the exam, as this does not make it take hold in the brain and makes it difficult to retrieve and remember it. Rather, it is preferable to study it a time before that and review it before the exam so that it is easy to remember and not forget. Taking time to meditate and relax is the best way to eliminate stress and anxiety. After completing the study and preparing everything necessary for the exam, it is possible to meditate even for a short period ranging between 5-10 minutes before entering the exam, as this would eliminate fear and anxiety completely. Commitment to the prescribed curriculum Expanding knowledge and studying shortly before the exam would cause the student to be distracted and lose information, so it is preferable to focus on the prescribed curriculum and understand it well to obtain a satisfactory result at the time of the exam. Writing important points and notes is a preparation step two or three weeks before the exam. Important information that the student needs for reference at a later time should be written down on a note or a small blog. Examination of Previous Years Exams It is useful to review material examinations for previous years, especially if they are for the same teacher, because there are usually a lot of questions that the teacher focuses on in the exam and they are repeated in more than one year.