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Two games to increase the concentration of the child
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Two games to increase the concentration of the child

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January 03 , 11:01:25

Children face successive waves of distractions and lack of focus, whether from television, computers, phones, or friends. Some children may also complain of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for other reasons. You can help your children and train them to focus more with some games that attract attention and require neurological and mental coordination.

Remembering game. You can play this game with any type of deck, and there are special cards available in game stores called "Mario Card". The idea of ​​this game is for the player to draw two identical cards. Since all the cards are face down, and the player in his turn is allowed to draw only two cards, he must remember when drawing the first card where the other card that matches it is.

puzzle. If your child suffers from a lack of attention and concentration and is unable to stay interested in something for a long time, make sure that you play with him alone. When the father or mother gives attention to the child and plays together for a period of time, this helps to develop the child's concentration ability.

One of the best suitable games in this case is the puzzle, to put together the parts of a certain picture. Be sure to choose the picture of the puzzle according to the child's interest, so that it is a picture of one of the characters or cartoon movies that he loves, or of a topic that attracts his interest such as the Pharaonic antiquities, or a scene of a tourist place that he liked.