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What is the reason for the lack of focus
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What is the reason for the lack of focus

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January 03 , 10:15:06

Concentration is an important matter in people's lives, whether it is while taking an exam, during work, while studying, or during dialogue with other people and listening to them, but many people may find themselves facing multiple problems caused by lack of focus, so they think about the Internet or their personal dreams during dialogue with Another person, as they think about games and the computer during the study or in the lecture or class, which causes them to fail in many things because they are unable to stay focused and pay attention to what is going on around them without thinking about other things in their lives and mixing different things with each other.

We notice at the present time that this problem is increasing very dramatically; As it does not depend on the elderly at the present time, rather it transcends them to those who are younger than them and even children these days, and perhaps the reason for many people behind the lack of focus is an accidental reason or as a result of technology and development that we find in these days, and it may be It is the result of more serious reasons, which may sometimes be organic.

Reasons for poor concentration One of the first reasons that lead to poor concentration is the technology that is widespread these days. We see that we are driven behind technology and various things away from the important things in our lives because of it, and this is due to many reasons; As when we do important things, we surround ourselves with many devices such as a computer, smartphone, TV, and others. The phone is turned off when doing a dialogue with another person as well, and the excessive reliance on technology led to a decrease in concentration as well.

Lack of concentration may be a result of lack of sleep, which is what we notice among people these days who prefer work or entertainment over sleep. It is important to give the body enough time to rest and sleep in order to restore activity to the brain and help it arrange its thoughts again. It may be because you don't like what you do; Since a person cannot usually focus on what he does not like at all, the lack of focus may be due to psychological pressure or excessive tension, which prevents a person from thinking properly, and the lack of concentration may also be due to a certain organic cause that requires a doctor's review. Like the lack of different vitamins in the body, such as vitamin B12, whose lack causes a decrease in the amount of blood that reaches the brain.